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Welcome to ConfiDANCE, an 8-week transformative experience designed to empower women by fusing dance with elements of body love and confidence building. This course is perfect for those looking to reconnect with their sensuality and discover their inner strength. What You'll Experience: • Dance: Learn an invigorating routine that celebrates femininity, grace, and power. No prior dance experience necessary! • Confidence Building: Participate in engaging activities that foster self-assurance, personal growth, and emotional expression. • Body Love: Explore body positivity through guided meditations, self-reflection, and supportive discussions. Course Highlights: * Introduction to ConfiDANCE: Discover the joy of dance and set personal goals. * Emotional Expression: Use dance to express feelings and build connection with your body. * Unleashing Inner Strength: Focus on powerful moves and role-playing to assert yourself. * Sensuality in Motion: Embrace your sensual side through dance techniques and self-acceptance exercises. * Collaboration and Teamwork: Engage in partner or group routines and build trust. * Optional Final Performance: Show off your newfound skills and reflect on your journey. Who Is This Course For? Women who wish to get in touch with their sensuality. Those looking to boost their self-confidence and body image. Individuals seeking a supportive and fun-loving community. Anyone who loves dance or wants to try something new. Join us at Vixen and Vamp Burlesque for a journey that promises to be more than just a dance class. ConfiDANCE is an invitation to unlock your potential, celebrate your body, and dance like no one's watching. Embrace the joy of movement and the power of self-love with us!

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  • 16/70 Bridge St, Picton NSW, Australia


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