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Our Instructors: About


Vixen and Vamp was established in 2021 with the goal of bringing the seductive world of Burlesque to the Wollondilly. The classic combination of dance, tease and extravagance with a side of feathers and laughter, will leave you wanting more and wearing less! 

Vixen and Vamp present weekly classes, in the historic township of Picton. Workshops and specialty courses are held at various times throughout the year, while hen's nights and private events are available upon request. 

Jen, our studio director has a passion for the art of Burlesque, self love & expression and helping others to discover their inner Vixen.

Jen (stage name  Ruby Ratchet) started doing Burlesque as a way of getting moving, and gaining confidence when she was just 18. "I was very self conscious and shy and thought it would help me prepare for meeting new people outside of my old school friends".
Well, it has turned into a life long obsession! Jen adored the vintage songs, the history, the dance moves and of course, the props and costumes! "I love the freedom to express myself. I love choreographing routines which incorporate a little humour and a lot of sexy".
Burlesque is an age old artform which incorporates all forms of dance as well as acting, and of course striptease with a capital TEASE. Burlesque is open to all bodies regardless of age, shape, size, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability. 

Burlesque empowers students to reconnect with themselves and rediscover their sensual side. During the course of a single term we have seen students gain confidence, self acceptance, freedom from long standing societal beauty standards, and some fabulous friendships.

Vixen and Vamp aim to be a safe place for all and are a proud LGBTQ+ ally. We hope our studio can be a welcoming and inviting space for everyone and we love seeing our students shine!

We pride ourselves at being a zero peer pressure, body positive hype space, where you can explore and discover more about yourself, in addition to all the wellness benefits of dance as a form of excersise. We offer a large range of classes from the modern hip hop based Twerk to the traditional boas and glam of Classique Burlesque.


Dancing and Mental Health: 

Jen has lived with both depression, anxiety and has had body image issues throughout her life so she has first hand experience at the uniquely healing ability that can result from dance. She  found burlesque has helped to transform her into the confident outgoing person she is today. She firmly believes that Burlesque can help people to connect with their inner truth and can help express that truth through dance and performance. 

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